Lazy day, was woken up

Lazy day, was woken up early (well relatively speaking) and was ordered to go cut my grandmother’s grass. Fun stuff, I think I’m allergic to grass. Didn’t do much of anything this afternoon. Been finishing off homework that i should have done allready. Watched Con Air too. I’ve seen it before, but the other choice on television was Men in Black; tough descision. Haha, gnite.

Just finished watching Being John

Just finished watching Being John Malkovich. Amazing movie, one of the more bizzare one’s that I’ve seen recently. Go pick it up. The whole concept is totally off the wall and makes you think about everything, who we are and all that. It’s funny as hell too. Been on a movie kick recently, reading too, have to get some school work done. That’s for tomorrow I guess.

Not a whole lot doing

Not a whole lot doing today. Was going to work on some pages for yearbook, brought a bunch of stuff home on cd. Forgot to bring home the grad mug shots tho, so i can’t do those. Hmm, been reading one of Tom Clancy’s Net Force series books, my dad bought two of em. They’re allright books, easy reads. I don’t buy novels too often, find i go through them too fast, when i have time to read anyway. Sometimes reading a book is a pain in the ass, i don’t want to put them down. I compare it to watching a movie; would you want to watch a movie in 15 minute chunks, stopping it, then picking up where you left off the next day? Nah.

Raging Bull

Just finished watching Raging Bull, directed by Scorsese, staring Robert DeNiro. I enjoyed the movie, job well done. It’s older, but was one of the movies on my list of movies to see. It was made in 1980, DeNiro won an oscar for best actor for his performance. In my opinion he definitely deserved it, he did a great job.

Pretty lazy day today, had a couple quizes that i didnt do to well on, oh well, i didn’t really study for them at all. Stayed afterwards and did somework on the yearbook, i think i’ve figured out who’s going to be design editor next year, so i can start training him. It’s great to know that they’ll be covered next year.

Papa Roach

been listening to papa roach a lot lately. Good heavy music. Job interview went well today, well i think so anyway. Physics test? Well, that could be bad, could be good. I’m leaning toward the bad personally.

Canada is one of the

Canada is one of the greatest places in the world to live, but i find this kind of scary. We’re usually ones for setting standards as far as politically correctness and all that goes. As long as something doesnt get screwed up over there and all our personal info gets out.