Well the lab test went

Well the lab test went allright, didnt do badly, didnt do great. Physics test did do well, didnt do as badly as i thought, still not good though. Started painting the wall this aft with Alissa and managed to get oil based paint on my shorts, supposedly it doesn’t come out, we’ll see. I’m sure modern science has come of with some sort of deadly chemical. Bah, shut up, i have a goatee, therefore i have style.

Two and a half more

Two and a half more weeks and high school is done. Not really looking forward to the weeks ahead tho, lots of studying to do for tests and exams. Crunch time for the yearbook, blah. Allergies are bad today, itchy eyes make me feel more tired than i actually am.

Another day. Watched Man on

Another day. Watched Man on the Moon tonite. Jim Carrey did a great job acting in it, think the academy does have something against him? Not saying he should have beat Kevin Spacey, but he should have been nominated. Going to start studying for exams this weekend, about time, as usual i’ve been putting it off. Helped Alissa draw the grad goodbye day thing on the wall today, did the original layout for it, looks good.