Nothing due for tomorrow, yah!

Nothing due for tomorrow, yah! Not sure what all I’ll be up to tonite. Maybe some reading, maybe some webdesign. Probably some work on the computer. School’s been keeping me good and busy anyway. I’ll be back home in two weekends for commencement. The last hurrah for the highschool class of 2000. After that we probably wont all be together for anything, maybe a reunion in 25 years. We’ll be getting the yearbooks too, hard proof of the work i did last year.

Not a whole lot going

Not a whole lot going on. I’ve actually accomplished some work today. It was a guy on the floor’s birthday last night, so almost the entire floor went out to a restaurant, it was pretty cool. Ended up watching full metal jacket with a bunch of people when i got back. Working on a new web project with some people, should turn out pretty cool. That’s what we’re hoping anyway. Conform has kind of died off recently. I’ve been kind of busy but I should get that going again.

This was an entry I

This was an entry I tried to post earlier today, but my internet screwed up:

I finished my computer assignment late last night, around 2 o’clock. It was due at midnite. I walked across campus to goodwin hall to drop it off and found that the doors were locked. Other times there has been newspaper in the door’s to prevent them from locking. I was with another guy and he decided to start tossing some rocks at a window that had a light on in it. Someone was there, they opened the door and we got our assignments in before they emptied the boxes. Then there was a fire drill at 6:15 this morning. Yea! Less than four hours sleep, wake up. I went back upstairs and slept for another hour or so.

A guy came in today

A guy came in today while I was out and tried to fix the internet. It’s still going slow, I’ll test it out tomorrow morning and see if there’s just heavy traffic tonite. A microsoft parody.

It was nice to come

It was nice to come home for the weekend. I get back here and find my high speed connection is still slower than my dial-up at home. The upload is fine, download is horrible, I hope they fix it home.