Been doing a bit of

Been doing a bit of design work tonite. Some ideas for suffocate and some other ideas in my head. Not a hugely productive day, should have done some more reading than i did. Picked up a suit tonite, the first suit i’ve ever owned. It’s one of those things that’s important to have I guess.

Seen a few movies recently,

Seen a few movies recently, just didn’t get around to writing them down. Apocalypse Now, American Movie and The Kid. A lot has been said about apocalypse now, it’s a great movie, a little bit different that what I was expecting. It’s my favourite movie of all time, but it ranks up there with some of the better ones i’ve seen. American movie had some damn funny moments, overall it was too long and kind of boring. I have a tolerance for indie movies, but it tried me. The kid was a disney movie, light language, happy ending, predictable, nice for one of those nights where you don’t want to have to think at all.

A hotel just for women.

A hotel just for women. That makes sense, you know, don’t want women to feel threatened by men or anything like that. I can’t see a brand new hotel for men opening up going over that well though. It would get feminists up in arms over equality issues and whatnot. Men are slowly but surely losing all power they have. Equality is one thing, but make it truely equal. I guess that’s a wish that probably won’t happen. We see women rising up the ranks into the upper echelons of power, and that’s great, I have no problem with it.

Men are starting to be victimized though, courts generally side with women in custody cases and matrimonial disputes. There’s still a whole lot of gender stereotyping out there, thoughts ingrained into the minds of society that will prevent equality from ever occuring. It won’t surprise me at all when women move from behind the scenes to the forefront of controlling our society. There is the old adage, behind every great man there is a woman.

That was one of those things were you start writing and really have no idea where you’re going with it or how to end it.

What a fun week that

What a fun week that was. Being sick and trying to get a bunch of assignments and stuff done. I came home last night, wasn’t really sure when I’d get home. The original plan was to go to toronto for the weekend and hangout there. Sickness put a damper on that, i’ll try again in a few weeks. One of the advantages of going to school relatively close to home is that your parents can come and get you pretty quickly. I was home two hours after my dad phoned and said he could pick me up.

Apparently I have strep-throat, so I’ve been put on some penicillin which should clear it up in a week or so. The last couple days it hurt to swallow and I had a headache and so forth. I just ignored it all so I could get my work finished and catch up on my sleep. Now, I’m home in my room with heavy curtains and no clock, so I really have no idea what time it is when I wake up.