A good article over at

A good article over at cnet that explains a bit about overclocking and why people do it. It’s addictive anyway and the truth is that a lot of the time you don’t really need that extra speed, it is just to be a hardcore geek.

Ahead lies a day of

Ahead lies a day of working on my economics assignment due tomorrow and studying for my psychology midterm tomorrow evening. The word of the day is propensity: the ability to or the capacity towards. It came up in my econ assignment, I didn’t even know it was a real word. It was used in the context marginal propensity to save.

Beyond that, I tried to update conform last night, but for some reason i couldn’t access the ftp. I managed to get onto it this afternoon and get it updated. Suffocate is hosted on dreamhost, so am I, and they’re in the process of transfering the sites from one set of servers to another. The goal is increased stability and services, I was moved in mid-december. The transitional phase isn’t perfect, so there can be some expected glitches in the suffocate site over the coming days.