They have a pot labeled

They have a pot labeled extra strong coffee in the cafeteria, probably some correlation with the amount of studying going on. I’m drinking coke out of my coffee cup right now.

I’ve been listening to a

I’ve been listening to a lot of pearl jam while studying. I don’t have my CCR disc’s around here, those were good to listen to as well. You can leave em in, let em play and not worry about having to skip tracks. I could make a playlist in winamp of music that I wanted to listen to, but that would involve effort.

Study, study, study. Exam’s are

Study, study, study. Exam’s are approaching rather quickly, and I haven’t done enough studying for them yet. We don’t have any classes this week, so basically I’ll be holed up in my room all week pounding away at the books. I need to find a job as well, I need to make money.

Hacking away at my Java

Hacking away at my Java assignment right now, the code is coming to me better than it used to, still not great though. I’m considering doing some laundry, i’m kind of in dire need of clean clothes.

Time for more studying and

Time for more studying and assignments. Quiet hours have started, essentially no loud music or yelling unless it’s between 5pm and 7pm. I’m at the far end of the hallway, kind of away from the stairwells and people who complain. At this end of the hall, it’s the loudest around 2 in the morning because everyone else is asleep and doesn’t hear us. We all have a tendency to stay up late.

To commerate April fools day, the upper year engineers always play some sort of prank on campus. They didn’t do it yesterday, I’m assuming because it was sunday. Today, you can see the tail end of a small plane sticking out of the clock tower on grant hall. It’s kind of the central building on campus, so it’s noticable. A couple of years ago, the replaced the clock on the tower with a digital clock.