I need to do some

I need to do some more writing, not blogging, some actual writing. I haven’t written anything since before exams, even then they were all humour pieces for the campus paper. I don’t think i’ve written anything since highschool. My plan write now is to take an english course next year, maybe that will help me out.

There have been two new

There have been two new images added to conform today. Every once in awhile, I manage to get two people finishing their work on the same day. I like it, the project would just fly along if it went like this all the time.

The day itself was pretty uneventful. I worked a couple of hours at my carney job and then travelled downtown. I picked up a copy of the new guided by voices album, called isolation drills. It’s one of the earlier pressings of the cd that has a case made out of cardboard and access to a hidden website. I’ve seen the other version, it just comes in a standard jewel case. I also stopped by indigo and read two more short stories by Brian Aldiss. They’re both an extension of the Supertoys story that I mentioned yesterday, bringing the collected works to a grand total of 35 pages. I want to read more. Oh, and I did some laundry tonite too, how’s that for exciting?

After a long day working

After a long day working yesterday, i decided that i wanted to be entertained, so i went and saw Tomb Raider. Now I have to admit that I read a couple of the negative reviews, but i went and saw it anyway. It got panned by critics, but it was never intended to be a deep and complex movie. I agree with ebert, it was a popcorn movie and good for it’s entertainment value. I wasn’t really in the mood to think excessively last night, so it was perfect. It was fast-paced, much like playing a videogame and it had some pretty cool action sequences and amazing sets. All in all, i enjoyed it.

A.I is based on a

A.I is based on a short story by Brian Aldiss called Supertoys Las All Summer Long. I found a transcript of the story in an old issue of Wired. There’s also an article about the movie and some of Kubrick’s plans. I probably came accross this stuff a couple years ago when I was doing a project on Kubrick, I remember reading about A.I. back then.

I watched Galaxy Quest this

I watched Galaxy Quest this evening. If you are a fan of star trek or have ever been a fan, you’ll find that it’s a pretty damn funny movie. Otherwise, I’m not really sure. Suffice it to say that as a computer geek, i’m an obligatory fan, so I found the movie quite entertaining.

Notes notes notes. I got

Notes notes notes. I got a call back today and was hired for the job i had an interview for on tuesday. It’s essentially the same job I had last summer as an assistant computer camp counsellor, although this time I will be the lead. In other job related info, I started training for my job at tim horton’s today. I’ll have to talk them tomorrow and see if they want to keep me on to do some weekends over the summer, if not, there’s no really point in me finishing my training. The new job also means that i’ll be moving back to brockville for the rest of the summer. I’m going to have to get my parents to invest in some highspeed internet.

I received a copy of amnesiac by radiohead and a copy of the first weezer album through the mail today. I picked them both up from the future shop for under $10 each. I also picked up a new trackball yesterday. I ended up shelling out the couple extra bucks for the logitech cordless trackman, which I got for $30 less than they have listed on their site.