I went up to Kingston

I went up to Kingston for some of the weekend, had to take care of some bills and a few other details. I might be back up there for a stretch of time near the start of august as well. I was told today that they’re going to be cancelling one of my computer camp weeks. It’s kind of shitty because that takes away a chunk of money from me. I have a couple jobs that I could go back to for that week, but I’ll probably only be making half as much.

I used some of my first week’s pay cheque to purchase a 40gb fujitsu harddive and a 64mb abit siluro geforce 2 mx400 graphics card. That’s a mouthful. The pricing was pretty good, I picked them up from canada computers. I got the card and the harddrive installed last night without any major problems. The only glitch i encountered was a problem with resizing NTFS partitions with the Windows 2000 service pack 2. They did something to the file tables that makes partition magic bring up an error code.

I saw A.I. in the theatre yesterday. I had been wanting to see it for awhile but couldn’t make it. I enjoyed the film, it had some amazing visuals. The movie itself is in the same vein as a most of the kubrick films, very pretentious and broken up into three distinct sections. The second part of the movie is very different from the first, a lot darker and more haunting. I probably have to see this again, the ending is kind of out there. A lot of people probably went to see this expecting a spielberg film and ended up dissapointed. It is in fact very much a kubrick film.

I decided to watch Das

I decided to watch Das Boot at a rather late hour last night night. I forgot how long it was. It’s a great movie, probably the best submarine movie ever made. Wolfgang Peterson did an amazing job, making you feel like you’re part of the crew. You can understand the panic and confusion that they had to endure while depth charges were dropping around them. The distaste that was shown for the leader of their country was something that i wasn’t expecting, although looking back, it doesn’t surprise me. Just take a look at the current situation in the United States, even though he’s the most powerful man in the world, there is no trouble branding him as an idiot.

Watched a bunch of things

Watched a bunch of things later in the evening last night. I caught That’s My Bush (the new show by Trey Parker and Matt Stone) as well as a bizarre interactive show called Bonzai. That’s my Bush was made horrible intentionally, mockign other sitcoms with bad laugh tracks, catch phrases, stupid coincidences and annoying neighbours. Bonzai was a messed up British show in which you bet on different people doing stupid things. I thought it was hilarious.

I also watched Blade Runner last night. I have seen it before, but wasn’t really paying attention. I’m still going to have to watch it again because I started falling asleep part way through it. I found a pretty extensive faq, although it’s probably about eight years old. I found it to be informative anyway. I really liked the movie. I saw Best in Show a couple of nights ago but never wrote it down. It was one of the funnier movies that i’ve seen recently. You can’t help but laugh at all these people who have no lives beyond grooming their dogs. It’s amazing considering that a large portion of the dialogue was adlibbed.

Yesterday I was working on

Yesterday I was working on an internet scavenger hunt for the kids (it teaches them how to use search) and I came up with a question along the lines of what day of the week was January 7, 1576? Which isn’t the easiest thing to find on the internet. I stumbled accross more information on the Julian and Gregorian calendars, really just the tip of the iceberg as far as information about the calendar goes. There’s a lot of math and thought put into the various types of calendars out there. I also found a virtual model of stonehenge.

I ended up watching Proof

I ended up watching Proof of Life last night when I should have been in bed. The movie was a little on the long side and didn’t always do the best job explaining things. Maybe that’s the way it’s supposed to be, but it takes awhile in the beginning to figure out what’s going on. Some parts of the movie you have to wonder if they would get away with in real life. In the end, you can’t help being dissapointed, any resolution to the conflict will make you feel sorry for someone and happy for someone else. There was a pretty good dynamic between Russel Crowe and Meg Ryan as well.

I watched Thirteen Days yesterday.

I watched Thirteen Days yesterday. It’s an decent movie, although i wouldn’t recommend it if you don’t like an historical dramas. It’s a tad slow moving and the director does the best he can at putting suspense into a movie that everyone already knows the ending of. It was nice to see, I don’t really know much about the US and the whole Cuba situation. I thought the Bay of Pigs invasion and the Cuban Missle Crisis were part of the same event. Something to read up on, that’s what the internet is here for.

I’m tired and should really

I’m tired and should really go to bed. I don’t understand why I can’t just go to bed at relatively normal hours. Normal being probably before midnight. Actually, forget that, I know why I stay up late. It’s quiet, other people aren’t awake, there are no cars driving around, no dogs barking. Then again, maybe I wouldn’t be tired if we had some sort of liquid with caffine in it. I guess there’s some coffee around, but that takes effort to make. However, the coffee maker is probably loaded up and ready to go for the morning. I would still have to replace it afterwards.