Mathematicians developed a formula to

Mathematicians developed a formula to fight crime. I how there is really no explanation at all. I’ll have to remind myself to request some research money from the government so I can develop an arbitrary equation for the local authorities.

Having written a few lines, I finally realize that I am complaining about a poorly explained mathematical equation. It’s pretty easy to geek out.

Sometime around midnight a couple

Sometime around midnight a couple days ago, a brilliant idea popped into my head. I’m looking at the partitions on my harddrive and think, “Hey, I don’t need that little partition at the start of my drive for a swap file any more, so I’ll just merge it with one of the other two. Should I back up? Nah, it’ll be fine, I’ve done it before.” The repartitioning did go wrong, so I had to spend a couple hours trying to get back into my system drive so I could back up my email and whatnot. Everything worked out in the end; I didn’t lose anything important and I have a nice fresh windows installation to work with.

I had a productive afternoon yesterday. I finished off an assignment, did some vacuuming, organized my notes and a few other things too. All I have to do is figure out how to keep up that pace.

I think this is at

I think this is at least the second time I’ve been linked to from within a dragonball z message board. I don’t understand.

And I’ve been meaning to get at the site for a couple days but keep managing to put it off. Gah.

Out of the four of

Out of the four of us in the house, andrew is probably the most attached to his hair (in that emotional sense rather than physical). In december, he said that when he came back he was going to give himself a mohawk. He doesn’t care that much about his hair but I still didn’t think he would do it. I told him I’d do a mohawk to if he actually went throught with it. Suffice it to say I now have a mohawk, although I can’t see myself keeping it for more than a couple days.

A hand-written clock. Class seems

A hand-written clock.

Class seems to be alright at this point. I wouldn’t be surprised if the four courses I have in the computer science department start getting all mixed together. There’s been some overlap so far, but it could just be that they’re all reviewing similar material from previous courses. I didn’t get hit as hard for textbooks this semster; we get to use some texts from previous courses and some of the ones we had to pick up were just photocopied in-house booklets.

Hopefully I can free up some time to work on the website over the weekend, I still have a bunch of sections to get up. They’ve kind of been in limbo for the last couple of weeks.

The “Which Kevin Smith Male

The “Which Kevin Smith Male Are You?” Quiz., via simon.

Your friends would describe you as a true blue pal, but sometimes you just don’t know when to let things go. You have a few problems when it comes to letting your true feelings out into the open, and that can cause permanent hardships for you. Other than that, you’re a great person to be around. Your jokes are crude, you have a big porn collection, what more could anyone ask for?

I’ve been relatively busy the

I’ve been relatively busy the last couple days, with everyone getting back and getting ready for another semester of school. My schedule isn’t as nice as last semster; I ended up with all of my days starting at either 830 or 930. Monday morning means Software Specifications and Discrete Mathematics and Logic II, so lots of math on monday morning. I ended up with better marks this semester than last year, so I guess I’m doing something right.

I went out with dave on thursday night to see Mulholland Dr. and on friday night to see The Royal Tenenbaums. They are two of the better movies out this year and I would highly recommend both. Mulholland Dr. can be a bit of a mindfuck, but I managed to figure it out for the most part by the end of the movie. The Royal Tennenbaum’s is directed by Wes Anderson, the same guy who did Rushmore and Bottle Rocket, so the humour is a little bit out there for some people. Gene Hackman and Luke Wilson had great performances, the tennis sequence had me almost rolling on the floor laughing. I also watched Chocolat the other night, it was a pretty good movie, but I found that it was forgettable.

pent most of the afternoon at Golden Words writing articles and having them rejected. Oh well, I still ended up with two things going in the paper. Last night, I went out for a couple of pints with Eilis and Deb. We initially went out looking for my housemate Andrew, but the place we were supposed to meet at was closed. He ended up at one of the places we figured he wouldn’t be unless dragged by someone else. At any rate, a fun night was had by all. Right now, I’m attempting to do some cleaning and organizing of my room. Obviously, it’s going quite well.