For some reason, I forgot to put in the code to allow the comments window to pop-up. In theory, the comments should work now. In theory, the last couple days of post should be visible on the front page, but they’re not.

Reverse Polish Notation

Does anyone know much about prolog programming? One of the questions we’ve been given is define a predicate eval_polish/2 that evaluates reverse polish notation expressions. I can’t figure it out at all. Bah.

Sleep: Three in a Row

At some point while I was dreaming last night, I decided that today would be the day I caught up on my sleep. Hence, not waking up until 2:30 and having to field a telephone call from my mother five minutes later. She didn’t believe me when I said that I’m normally up by noon on the weekend. At any rate, I should probably try to accomplish some school related tasks in what remains of the afternoon; on to my readings.

Everything and Nothing

Fear of love. Fear of commitment. You want to reach out and take them in your arms. It would less challenging to ignore or to forget but that would make it too easy. Wouldn’t it? Yeah, right… the sleep thing.

By Divine Right

I just got back from a By Divine Right show. It was awesome; they rock hard and put on a great performance. So much energy, so much. You can’t avoid jumping around and going nuts while they’re on stage. Try to find a copy of 5 bucks, it’s a great song. And now it’s the wee hours of Saturday and I should really get some sleep.

Self-Writing Programs

It sure would be nice if computer programs wrote themselves. You see someone walk up to a computer and say, “Hey, I need something to do such and such, make it.” And a couple minutes later the program spits out another program, which isn’t so much having the program write itself as having another program write it. At any rate, it’s not really possible; having a program that could write any other program would in essence solve the halting problem. Although some would claim it is solveable, that’s geeky computer/math humour for you.

On Google

I’ve just spent a bit of time reading google’s initial proposal. I’ve found it pretty interesting because we’ve just finished up a bunch of string theory stuff in my data structures course. One of my favourite bits:

[A] PageRank for 26 million web pages can be computed in a few hours on a medium size workstation.

They have a nice little linear time algorithm that they’re using. Those kind of statistics are pretty impressive considering that this paper was published a couple of years ago.

Nice and Exciting

It was yet another uneventful morning; didn’t make my 8:30 class, but I did make it to the other two. Looks like we’re heading into graph theory in my data structures class, it looks like some pretty crazy shit. For our last assingment, we’re going to be given a data set representing a map of the London Underground and asked to write some functions to calculate the shortest route from point a to point b. They’re probably thinking, these kids keep asking for real-world examples, maybe if we give them one they’ll shut up and not bother asking us again. We’re doing graph theory in my logic class too, so it’s nice to start getting some overlap/correlation between courses.

On to Moveable Type

Moveable Type 2.0 was released today, so I decided to migrate over. I’ve been wrestling with it for the better part of the night, thus avoiding my software specifications assingment. This was the first cgi/perl script I’ve tried to install, I think it went ok. I’ve learned a number things about scripting, chmod and so forth (here’s a good little resource concerning common cgi problems). The long and short of things is that I seem to have MT up and running ok, but it’s late, I have an assingment to finish and I should really get some sleep. I’ll probably mess around with the templates either tomorrow or the day after.

Stupid Junk Mail

This has to be one of the more bizzare pieces of junk mail i’ve received. I have to admit that I can’t remember for the life of me what my dealings with the British Chamber of Commerce were. I can’t really figure out. Anyway, here’s a good response to the message.