The Perfect Date

Need cheap dating ideas? My favourite:

If one of your interests is painting, spend an afternoon beside a scenic river bank or a secluded area and paint together. Afterwards you could donate the paintings to a nearby retirement home.

Complete lack of studying

Holy fuck, why can’t I accomplish anything. I have very little desire to open my Algorithms textbook right now. Not that algorithms can’t be fun, I just don’t feel like working with them right now. But I have a test tomorrow, which means I better get in the right kind of mood or I’m going to screw myself.

On the plus side of this hellish week, we managed to get out of the paper a little after 2am last night, which was cool. I think that’s the earliest we’ve been out this year, not including issues from last school year.

Database Fun

Alright, so I’m bored and don’t really have cable. Apparently, the Marlins won the world series. That’s alright, too bad Boston or Chicago didn’t make it though, it might have been interesting. Anyway, databases and online news-sources are fun: lookie here.

Bub a dup dup dup dup da dup dup

Or something like that, think Daft Punk. Uh, so I have some midterms and stuff coming up this week, it’s going to be fun. Not that every week isn’t tons and tons of fun. I have the newspaper to run tomorrow. And I discovered that I have an extra hour tonight, thanks to daylight savings time. Isn’t that great. Oh, I got my final CISC499 project this week (I’ll probably related my 497 project to it as well), I’m going to co-develop Go-Moku for PocketPC and Palm. I haven’t done any game AI or much game programming in general, so it should be interesting. I enjoy puzzle games though, so it’s an interesting project. Right now, I’m studying some networks. Yeah, on Saturday night I’m reading. Whee. I’ll probably go watch a movie with Alanah soon, I can only take so much of this.


Internet porn

I present you with two articles on internet porn, the first is Not Tonight honey, I’m logging on and The Porn Myth. They’re both essentially the same article, taking a look at internet porn and how it effects real-life relationships. This bit in the porn myth article made me laugh:

By the new millennium, a vagina—which, by the way, used to have a pretty high “exchange value,” as Marxist economists would say—wasn’t enough; it barely registered on the thrill scale.

Pit of tradersI think the laughter was mainly due to some bizarre mental image of stock brokers actively trading them on an open market. Think: crazy pit full of traders with their little vests on, screaming about vaginas.

As far as Internet porn goes, I can see how it could become a problem for someone. Internet porn is fast and easy to get ahold of, but I have trouble seeing how it could replace another living, breathing and warm human bean. Then again, I’ve borne witness to geeky compsci classes full of reclusive nerds.

However, I don’t think porn is entirely responsible for the changing cultural attitudes towards women. It isn’t so much that porn is everywhere now, it’s that sex is everywhere. Magazines, movies, whatever — it’s not just porn that’s promoting having giant tits and flawless ass, all of the models and stars we see ooze sex. I think the porn star image and being unable to get off without it is a product of media as whole rather than just internet porn.