From the IMDb “Now Playing” description of Honey:

Honey (Alba) is a sexy, tough music video choreographer who shakes up her life after her mentor gives her an ultimatum: sleep with him or be blacklisted within their industry.

This has Oscar contender written all over it.

Games for drug dogs

This just seems weird to me (article):

Major is an extremely sociable dog that “loves to search for narcotics,” Watson said.

Barking during a drug search isn’t a threat, Watson said. Dogs are taught to treat finding drugs as a game of hide and seek.

“Why is a dog barking?” Watson said. “It’s not because it wants to bite someone. He just wants to play that game.”

Some dogs are trained as passive alert dogs and will sit when drugs are found. Others are aggressive alert canines and bark or take other actions.

It’s a game kids, it’s all a game. We teach Scraps that biting your face off is just a game, so when he’s biting your face off that’s alright because he’s just playing the game.

Yo yo

I went home for a day or two on the weekend, to say hi and visit the family. Got a flu shot while I was back, I think it made me feel kind of crappy yesterday. Or just feeling crappy made me feel crappy, who knows. I’m getting sick of this site design, it looks boring. I always get sick of my website at exam time, it gives me an excuse to redesign. I used to use PHP, then I just had to create one new template. I still use it, but not effectively. I should really be creating some header and footer files that get reused across the board.

Oh and I have managed to get some studying done. It’s astounding. There’s such of sense of apathy floating around me this semester. Running a newspaper is more fun than school.