Guided by Voices – Blimps Go 90

**Guided by Voices**
**Blimps Go 90** (2.10mb)
Alien Lanes (1995)

I downloaded this mp3 three years ago. I thought it might be incomplete, and wanted more, so I went out and bought Alien Lanes. This has been followed by obtaining many more albums and songs by GBV, as well as the attending of three live performances. I have a lot of their music, what could be a very large catalog for most artists, but it represents a fraction of the band’s output.

The band will cease to exist soon. Or Bob Pollard is retiring the name, take your pick. He’s the only consistent member and unlikely to stop song-writing any time soon.

New Feature!

Introducing Song of the Moment, stealing from the world of mp3 blogs. It’s not quite perfect and probably has some kinks to be worked out. The songs will stick around for a week or two or until I remember to remove the link. Unless they start sucking up a huge amount of bandwidth.

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists – Me and Mia

**Ted Leo & The Pharmacists**
**Me and Mia** (2.48mb)
Shake the Sheets (2004)

This song is pretty damn catchy. I must keep listening to it.

I downloaded some mp3s from the band’s website, listened to a few tracks and then purchased Shake the Sheets and Hearts of Oak from their label. Unfortunately, the source is taking it’s time getting the product to me. So, I have to kill time by creating a website to showcase whatever song I happen to be listening to at the moment. I thought downloading music was supposed to be bad for an artist. Hmm…

Update: My cds have arrived and have been encoded with AAC at a nice bitrate. I haven’t used AAC for anything else yet.