Death From Above 1979

Death From Above 1979

Went to the Death From Above 1979 show at the Grad Club last night. It was pretty solid, they sounded even heavier live, the building was shaking. When you look up at the tiny stage, it’s hard to believe it’s just two guys making those sounds.

I took a bunch of photos, most of them aren’t that great, but I put up a few of the better ones. It was nice to get out to a show, I don’t think I had seen any good live music in awhile.

Update: A better review of the show. Apparently, the lead singer for Nassau (one of the openers) was a former GBV drummer, although they’ve been through enough of those.

3-Column CSS Layouts

Man, it’s not easy to do 3-column css layouts. There are a bunch of guides and stuff around, I decided to go for the hack method. Basically, I just created a second el-sidebar-grande div, through the old sidebar and the flick bar as floats into that. Anyway, that’s my solution for now.


Did a little hackjob on the site, although it’ll change again soon enough. It seems like all I do is post saying I’m working on the site design. That and quicklinks. Quicklinks are my crutch right now, I should break them off onto the sidebar again. Or not. Blah.

On a separate note, I must express my utter disdain for web-based educational software packages. Namely Knowledge Forum and WebCT. For now, I leave you with this WebCT screenshot. Learning without Limits provided you’re using the right software.