In da Club

Here we go with another visual roundup of the latest and greatest 5Q interviews from Seal Club. Five more sets of questions, featuring a good whack of talent that we abuse by probing the most mundane aspects of their existence. Go read them now (and check out the first five interviews if you missed ’em).

Matthew Good

Greg Storey

Dave Shea

Khaled Abou Alfa

Paul B. Drohan

Thanks to: Paul B. Drohan, Khaled Abou Alfa, Dave Shea, Greg Storey and Matthew Good, for helping us out this time around. Hopefully, we’ll have more Seal Club action coming at you soon. It’s been slow over the last month or so.

flickrRSS 3.0

flickrRSS 3.0 plugin for WordPress

Finally got around to updating the flickrRSS plugin for WordPress. I had been meaning to do it for awhile, but kept putting it off. Now that WordPress 2.0 is out, I figured it would be a good time to break the plugin. Yeah, that’s right break it. I changed around a bunch of the options and how the parameters are handled, so you’ll need to set it up again.

As an end user, you won’t notice a lot of the improvements. The interface makes more sense now (compare a 2.0 screenshot vs 3.0 screenshot) and should be easier to use. The options panel has been moved into Presentation, which makes more sense I think. At least that’s where I usually went looking for it. The image sizes now reflect the actual flicker image sizes too.


Twelve Hours of Power

Hello 2006. Bring it.

I won’t get into a huge retrospective, but the past year has been pretty damn good. Some highlights: moving to WordPress, graduating from Teacher’s College, the popularity of the flickrRSS and myStatus plugins, having site designs appear on a number of CSS Gallery sites, Alanah moving in and receiving a Digital Rebel for Christmas.

As they say, the new year is a time for growth and rejuvenation (but I could be wrong, maybe it’s Spring they’re talking about). In the spirit of growing, it’s time to rip the site apart and start again. If you’re new to the neighbourhood, it happens a lot.