Exploring the national post site

Exploring the national post site and came across an article on the big brother show. Reality television, for those of you with a penchant for voyeurism but who don’t want to admit it. You’re not watching to see how other people live, you’re watching to see how badly other people fuck up their own lives. You’re not sitting there going oh wow, they’re eating! Nah, you’re like man when are those two going to have sex, i want to see a fight, haha, that guy hates the other guy. These poor bastards have to live together for 3 months and have all their actions analyzed and criticized for a shot at half a million dollars. I’d probably take the who wants to be a millionaire route instead. Of course both big brother and survivor propel people with everyday lives into newfound celebrity status. That’s probably why they’re there.

Well, there’s a new book

Well, there’s a new book in the harry potter series. Do i care? Not one bit. The only bright side of this is that it’s made kids want to read. When i was around 13 I read the hobbit and the lord of the rings. Those were well written. I’ve always been an avid reader. It’s hard to put a good book down, would you watch 15 minutes of a movie, stop it and the start it again the next night and so on? Nope, same thing with books.

Just finished watching the green

Just finished watching the green mile. It wasn’t bad. I found it a tad on the long side personally. Wild Bill was funny as hell and Percy was everything you wanted to hate. Some of the parts were overacted and too much time was spent watching the damn mouse. Overall it was worth seeing, but i still want to see the hurricane by norman jewison at somepoint. To see which one seemed more worthy of an Oscar nomination. Of course we know that green mile got the nomination and there was some controversy over it. Time to get sleep.