I have a bunch of

I have a bunch of web design stuff to work on this weekend. I’m working on a new layout for this site, not that the current one looks bad, i’m just in the mood to redo it. Also have to get started on redesigning conform for the relaunch as well as a website that i told my cousin i’d do.

I’ve been feeling a little

I’ve been feeling a little under the weather the last couple days, picked up a bit of a bug or something. A sore throat, makes my voice deep and raspy, kind of funny. Went out with a couple guys this afternoon to look at a house for next year. It ended up having what we were looking for, so we signed the lease. It’s in a pretty good location, clean, nice landlord, etc. About the only thing it didn’t have was a washing machine/dryer (which you don’t find in many house anyways).

I saw Requiem for a

I saw Requiem for a Dream with a few people last night at a small theatre downtown. Somehow I managed to get in for free. There didn’t seem to be anyone around to take tickets. The projectionist was probably the only person working there and he can’t really sell tickets two minutes before it starts. The movie was pretty good, it leaves a powerful anti-drug message. It also has some good acting and good camera work. It is however one of those indie films that won’t leave you with a happy feeling after watching it, a drug movie probably shouldn’t. It was made by the same director who did Pi.