I was doing many more

I was doing many more updates when I was back at home, it’s kind of died off since i’ve returned to school. Maybe it’s because i’m not browsing the web as much.

Someone is suing mcdonald’s again.

Someone is suing mcdonald’s again. Our society is getting pretty fucked up when people sue over stupid shit like this. She’s also suing her mother too. Family life must not be too good in that household. It was spilled on her ankle too, I enjoy drinking coffee with my ankle. Coffee is hot, you have to boil it to get the flavour right, maybe her mom didn’t teach her that coffee is hot. That’s quite a bit of money too, i could justify $450000 if you spilled it on your genitals and were unable to have a family, but the ankle? I think I’m going to sue a clothing company because my clothes shrank in the wash and it’s causing irreparable damages to my body.

Updated conform again. A shameless

Updated conform again. A shameless plug, i did the most recent image in the series. First day back at classes today. I realized that I haven’t been to a class in over 5 weeks, although i did have exams. I did alright on my exams, not great but I didn’t fail any. All is good.

I’m back at school now,

I’m back at school now, alive and kicking. Got the webcam up and running again here and also hooked up my new scanner. I discovered two of my marks today, i am happy. I passed my computer exam, which i thought i failed and i also passed calculus. Happy happy. There are some people back already, it’s nice to see them again. I played a bit with ssi last night, incorporating it into the layout. The sidebar is easier to update now, because i just have to change one text file rather than everypage. Cedric suggested that i try using php so I could get a feel for it. I’m going to be using it for the next conform layout.

The NSA abandoned an area

The NSA abandoned an area in the wilderness and some astronomers got ahold of it. I would have liked to pick that place up on the open market, it would be a cool place to live. You came home at 2 last night eh? Ha! The perimeter computer says that you came in at 4.