Paper is done for this evening, whoo. Could have gotten out of there earlier with a full quota of working computers. Layout and graphics managed to share three computers the entire time. It was a late start overall but it filled itself up. Old writers, new writers, lots of Freeman, graphics, odd cover, space filler (find the bald guy). Three cheers, despite the sick people. I may or may not have been responsible for their sickness. I had to enjoy being sick at the paper last week. Bed time should be now. I think all of the kinks are worked out with the new design, i failed to redo the search template on my last venture. There were a few other templates floating around too. The game of editorial foosball was a brilliant idea. We played with pad and pen, if you got scored on, you had to write a cover idea on the pad. The game resulted in the cover and three quarter pagers, mayone only two, i can’t remember.


Not so much bored as meaning to be working on other things but failing to do so. Thus I have redesigned the website. Or made a new title graphics and changed a bunch of numbers in the code. You can call it either. I figured it’s cold enough outside and I’d rather look at warmer colours. The blues and graphic made it seem cool before. Most of the pages should be converted, probably have to adjust the comments template still.

For Riz

A guide to setting up your mac. Look at point 5, moving your /Users directory. There’s a complicated way, although not too bad, and the easy way. Guess which one is better.

Hello monkey

One issue of the paper has been finished for the semester. I was sick feeling, so it wasn’t as much fun as usual. We got out of there around 4:30-5:00 with only one minor fuckup that got fixed in the morning. A lot of the overtime was due to the lack of nero and windows insistance that the files had to be copied to a local directory. I wouldn’t have wanted to burn a coaster and waste $0.50 if the server accident;y went down. Or the other 15 or 20 minutes that I waited for shit to load across a network. Blargh, stupid wizards. I slept, got up and went to some class. School time again.

Some links:
All my fonts – someone took the time to make a graphical display of fonts by myself or with brian years ago. Something I’ve been meaning to do but never got around to.
Vivisimo Clustering – “automatic categorization and meta-search software” an interesting alternative to google.

Dope PM

Pauly-boy ate some brownies:

In a yearend interview Thursday with CPAC, the parliamentary public affairs channel, Martin confided he’d never smoked pot but said his wife Sheila once made some brownies “and I must say they had a strange taste.”

That’s right, they had a strange ‘taste’ (article).


Hello all, back from the voyage to Quebec City, it was a lot of fun and not as cold as I expected it to be. I will have some photos to add to the gallery at some point, but I’m unable to post them. I discovered that the Internet is still not working at my house. And no one is picking up the phone at jerk housemate’s house. Maybe he went for a surprise vacation out of the county or something.

Bad discoveries of the day: I’m going to have to take six courses next semester to make up for the one I dropped last semester, at least I won’t be editing the paper in the last half of March, so it should be nice and manageable. How comes science students need to take 20.0 credits and arts only need to take 19.0? Oh, are degress are just as valuable they say. Well, mine’s worth at least a grand more. Unless they’re just making room for at least two course failures. I’m not bitter. Discovery number two: spotty swollen throat. Cause: bacteria or virus. Bacteria would be nice, because the penicillin I got should kill it and make me better. I had a virus with the mono back in the summer and it meant my throat just kept swelling and I eventually needed an anti-inflamatory.