Hah hah, I’m tired… whooooo!!! The paper is done. It may be good, it may not be… it was a long day/night though. We need another graphics person, so it doesn’t have to be me.


Here’s a good little utility that displays your unread mailcount (in all boxes) in the menu bar. Handy if you’re hiding the dock.

Dollars and Cineastes

An article in the New York Times magazine on the death of indie film. Or the rise and fall of indie or whatever you want to call it. You can only make so many indie films before become part of the industry. A gem of an indie film that’s made made on a shoestring budget will appear again — they always do. Indie film directors like to make movies. If the people with money like the movies, they offer the directors some cash. They still make movies they want to see, but they have money to do it with; you just don’t get a heartbreaking story attached to the making of it. Real indie directors make documentaries.

It’s art

Art Garfunkel got caught with dope on Saturday, around 12:20pm on Saturday. It’s good to know that our old hippie friends can ride around in their limos getting high. He commented, “If I was on a raft about an hour west of England, I’d be gettin high and it would be like yeah.”

Home on the range

Read some sex advice from cowboys:

Tom, 59
A male friend of mine is having a hard time making his girlfriend come. What’s your advice for him?
First of all, he should give her to me. Because, goddamn, I’d lick her cross-eyed.

Larry, 47
What’s a no-fail seduction line?
I dunno. Probably “Let me show you my fingers.” [Holds up two remaining fingers on his left hand.]

Glowing bunny

Check out the glowing bunny, I want glow in the dark everything! I guess there’s been a kerfuffle over GloFish recently. I’m sure that they don’t really pose any health hazards, besides who eats aquarium fish? Other than college students and young children, I bet there aren’t that many. And as for those particular groups, I’d be more worried about a lot of the other substances that they may ingest.