New Design

I came home after my exam yesterday morning and started working on a new layout. My brain seemed to have turned into mush, so I wasn’t really able to do any productive school work. The new design is also due to the outside world looking really nice at this point, I figured that I needed something a little bit brighter to suit the spring/summer.

Van Wilder

I watched Van Wilder in the wee-hours of the morning. It’s a decent movie, kind of mindless — you can see where the plot is going within minutes of starting. Sometimes you need movies that turn you into a drooling vegetable. Wisely, the trailers don’t show as much of the underlying romaintic comedy… it’s not all that good. Some of the gags are, so it’s somewhat worthwhile watching.

Reading and Film

I finished up reading The Diviners last night. I read it earlier for a high-school English class, I think I liked it better the second time around. It probably helps that I’m more interested in writing this time around and the novel is essentially dealing with the creative process of writing.

For now, I’m off to see some student film screenings. Andrew and Dave are both showing their year-end projects, as well as a bunch of other film kids I know. It should be a good time.


I got my brother’s Atari 2600 working finally, he has Frogger, Ms. Pac-Man and Space Invaders. Damn, Frogger is a good game. My high score at the moment is 1280 and should only be going up. Thankfully the Atari stays here, while I go back to Kingston tomorrow morning. No Frogger during exams.

Atari FAQ

It’s an FAQ that tells you almost everything you ever wanted to know about an atari game system. There are collectors who know the subtle differences on different game labels — it’s crazy.